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A Quick Shout!

Orange Admino
inagorange @ Rise of Kings
posted Apr 27, 16

Hey Rise of Kings.

With a heavy heart, we’ve had to say goodbye to everybody’s favourite Admin, CallumJ90; and as a consolation prize, you’re left with me.

To start off with, I’ve loved this community since day one. I still remember my very first experience here on the server - I went out on a hunt, and started shooting a wool block wolf with my OOC arrows, asking if I’d managed to kill it yet. It was a complete embarrassment to say the least, but that’s the moment I fell in love with this community, and all of you in it. Since then, I’ve been hooked; I’ve been determined to provide the most inclusive, and enjoyable experience for each and every one of you.

I think it goes without saying that our server’s seeing a new horizon - a welcomed one at that. Joe’s back, and our team’s got a purpose and drive. Darrowmere hype is rampant, vets are returning, and it seems we’re finally embarking upon the long-awaited move to 1.8; let’s dive into this journey together.

If there’s something you aren’t happy about, tell us. If there’s systems out of date that we’ve overlooked, let us know. Because that’s our job as Admins - to ensure we’re maintaining touch with the community, as we move forward with our server direction. I know you, and you know me; don't be a stranger. Because communication is how a server will work best.

And that’s how we’ll make Rise of Kings great again.

Cheers for listening to the ramble,

Gavin I'm not happy about server downtime >:( But congratz on Admin, and good luck.
[!] Dillyum Aye, nice Orange!
Faeronn Admin Rise of Admins.

A familiar face

Faeronn Admin posted Apr 10, 16

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