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November Update

carlnorm Admin posted Nov 26, 14
Hey guys been quite a while since we've posted an update and there is alot to catch up on aswell as a number of new interesting features to be coming in the near future.

Changing time

First up is a large change after lots of feedback from the community we have decided to change away from the current time system (2 Weeks IRL = 1 Year) to allow further more realistic progression of characters and just generally make it much easier to understand for new players.

Starting from now we are changing the system so that 1 month IRL is equal to one year in Elysion.

We hope to make use of a time plugin however we need to come up with a set system for the names of days, months and years any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Physical Currency
We have removed access to the /pay command and now opted for a mix of both physical and virtual based currency to help with the realism of the server and its current trading and thievery systems.

Currently there are coins for 100 Auras, 50 Auras, 10 Auras, 5 Auras, and 1 Auras.

Placed at spawn and in each of the houses there are NPC's named "Banker." by right clicking on the NPC you shall bring up a trade window that can be used to convert back a forth between the physical and virtual currency.


After getting rid of our Professions plugin we’ve decided to put it back into effect on the server. We Have looked into many different professions plugins, but so far none of them has held any promise for the system we’re trying to switch into, which is a Tier based one where exp and grinding won’t be a problem.

For now, we’re going to focus on making the best out of our current Professions plugin by being more diligent about promoting more trainers for each profession and making sure to replace teachers that are inactive, or refuse to teach.

Trade Plugin

The Trade plugin has been implemented for quite some time now though I have yet to make it announced and really compliments the physical currency system as I have heard alot of worry about having other players pick up the coins.

By typing /trade playername you send an offer to trade to the specified player once they have accepted a new trade window will be opened. Each player must place their chosen items to trade and press accept when they believe the trade is correct and the items shall be swapped.


Voting rewards have finally been fixed with each vote granting 50 Auras. Voting plays a highly important part in the growth of the server with higher amounts of votes we gain many new players.


The new magic lore has been being tweaked over the past month and is nearly finished with a few players around now already having access to it. As magic role play occurs it will be tweaked and those involved in its use will see separate story lines to take part in alongside the three main storylines that are planned to come out within the next few months.


Lzztopz has been working on a new and improved alchemy system that should be coming about within the next few weeks. The lore shall involve a much more logical and role play based system to its predecessors split into three paths Herbalism, Alchemistry and Medicinal. The WIP version can be found here http://www.mc-riseofkings.net/forum/m/9208687/viewthread/17323748-alchemy-lore-wip


We are currently working on the reintroduction of Bluesteel into Elysion once more for those who are unaware Bluesteel was the material represented by Diamond tools and Armor and was an extremely rare and valuable commodity for its light weight and sharpness. Bluesteel was an icon of power in Elysion and with a little balancing shall be back with us once again.

World Events

Events as of late have been rather messy as we are well aware however the team has been cracking down and we currently have a decently sized storyline wrote by Knight_Vector with a series of different locations prepared by the BT. The first event of this storyline has already been released however once it has finished we have something big planned....

Current RP Happenings 

Darrowmere Civil War

Currently Darrowmere has found itself in a state of Civil War with Armand Caerleon owner of Pineharbor allying with Richard Darrowmere the previous ruler of the house rallying a force to take the kingdom back from James Darrowmere who has refused their terms and turned his back upon his somewhat Tyrannical brother. Either side could win but the tension in the lands of Darrowmere is certainly rising, Which side will you take?

Coronation Of The High King

Come 8PM GMT 11/29 Saturday Ivanov of Stormhammer is to be crowned as the first High King Of Borealis since year 70 of the Second Era with the death of Rabatangas. All are encourage to watch the ceremony, could this be a new age for Elysion?


carlnorm Admin posted Oct 14, 14
Quick Update

Hey guys just a quick update on some new plugins and upcoming changes

Custom Mobs, Custom Items and Dungeons

The more adventurous of players will notice a number of dungeons filled with Custom Mobs and Loot cropping up in the next few days these mobs have a variety of skills aswell as Custom health and damages and will prove far more of a challenge than your usual zombie and are recommended to be taken on as a group. The new items found in these dungeons have a variety of stats some adding bonus health, custom swing speeds, damage, critical hits and a variety of other effects and will soon be used by blacksmiths as the default for any weapons made with moderation.


You'll notice on the homepage that the voting links have been updated, it's a great help to the server and brings in many new players. Although Votifier is not working currently there is to be a special weekly/monthly reward for the top voters which could be special items, Character based events or other personalized rewards so get voting!


Those wanting to delve into alchemy and brewing now have a far more interesting time attempting to create potions and alcoholic drinks, with the new brewing plugin it takes a great deal of skill to get the perfect drink or potion and should raise their value in RP providing some great bonuses when used. 

A quick tutorial on how to use the new plugin can be found here https://github.com/DieReicheErethons/Brewery/wiki/Usage

Upcoming Features and Changes

-NPC System

-Foreign Trading

-Complete Trainers list with divided lores

-ET Story lines

-Updated Donation Perks