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Map Update!

◬ Admiral Ria ◬ Admin posted Nov 14, 15

Map Update!

Right, so, I typed this once already. It was all eloquent and shit.

But, then I hit post and then the fire nation attacked and it deleted everything.

So I'mma be quick instead.




New map. Those posts made by Sam were all an elaaaaaaaaaborate ruse to gather the community's opinion on the idea. Wheew.


Because you lot said so. The majority of people voting on the polls basically agreed; so long as it isn't shit, a new map would be pretty cool. 

So, we're gonna do that.

While we rebuild Darrowmere and much of Elysion, we'll be chilling out on this new map.


The new map will be decided upon by a team I'll be organizing. I'll be PMing those who I am interested in "obtaining" for the team. Feel free to PM me if you would like a shot at this as well.

In true Rise of Kings fashion, we will be leaving the community completely out of loop and doing whatever we damn please. Suck on that, pansies.


( WOWIE. )


Well, whenever we damn ple-

I mean. The map will be dropped at a date at which is to be determined. It will be in place until the reworkings to Elysion are completed.

So yeah. That's that. Please comment on the thread that should be linked hereinstead of the blog comment section. It's a hell of a lot easier to track comments there than it is here. Plus it looks nicer.

SerM◬rmite Viva L'Elysion
ƉemoÞuppy ◬ I'll do what I very well want, thank you very much.

Update #2

CallumJ90 Admin posted Nov 1, 15

Rise of Kings

Update #2!


So here we are again, with another homepage update - we’re getting good at these, and we’re going to get better. The Administration team are determined to keep every member of this community well informed about the happenings of the server, both current events, and future happenings. At a minimum, the Administration team will aim to produce a monthly update to place on the homepage.

System Updates;

NPC System;

NPCs are going to change to accommodate the current environment for the economy and such; we have decided to slash the NPC prices in half, and upon that, we have introduced a system wherein any NPC purchased by a Lord will warrant the ability to get another, for free, up to the rank of tier three. More information will be included upon the NPC guard system page, which will be updated shortly. Furthermore, we hope to soon introduce the ability to purchase assistant NPCs who can do various tasks such as operate a market stall; stay tuned to learn more!

War System;

The War Claim and Invasion System we have been using for the past few months has quickly grown outdated and we aim to improve the system by incorporating new systems we believe will maximize enjoyment and efficiency when dealing with invasions. We are moving to introduce a ‘tile system’ where armies may only march into enemy territory bordering their own, and are required to conquer the lands up to the capital; this should increase the time wars take, increase the amount of battles, and prevent any dull and mundane wars in which a quick march upon the capital is initiated and ends the war abruptly. As with other systems highlighted here, keep an eye on the forums for an in depth guide on the new war system.


In-Game Updates;

The Realm of Elysion;

Recent Events within the realm of Elysion include the coronation of the new High King,  Johan Wolfgang, which many are aware of; after a short war against the Elysian Union and their forces, the opposing armies inhabited Borealis and for a short while held the Kingdom with no figure of ultimate authority, for almost a year. Now, the Regents of each Kingdom have elected a their King, and he rules Elysion from Borealis.

The Opening of the Desert;

We are incredibly close to being able to release the desert, with the event due to happen in the next few days; we hear the coordinator of the event has a fascinating and exciting storyline ready for the release, so be sure to listen out for a confirmation on the time for the event, and be sure to attend!

ƉemoÞuppy ◬ Keep in mind going forward that people will read this even if these posts won't get liked, commented on or have a view c ...