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Upcoming RoK 3.0 Changes

Plasma <3 Admin posted Mar 26, 14
Hello Rise of Kings,

The announcement, planning, and start of "RoK 3.0" changes have been really rough and as the ideas originally intended were not properly processed or vocalized and instead were prematurely hit with a sledge hammer..

Enough with that. It's time for an update on what the administrators have been up to. Gonna keep this simple.

The Transition - The transition to prepare for a new map was a crash and burn, sadface. What would have potentially been a fun period of Roleplay shortly before the departure to new lands was spoiled by human nature. You see it all over TV shows, movies, books, and reality - even at our darkest hour the bad qualities in us show brightest. Zarosyl II stripped people of their hope, money, and dear possessions all out of greed..

But now, our administrator Dolan will be taking the mantle and leading Elysion as I have failed to do so. I've been told that Elysion's refugee's will flee Elysion before the final disasters on ships, and stop some ways off the coast of the new world on a small island chain. Our story will proceed there.
3.0 Release Date - The intended date that Rise of Kings would have its new website, forums, media, server/map, lore and all the new stuff would be live and functional April 2nd. We may still be able to hit that deadline, but the map will likely not be live that day(perhaps that week/weekend though).
The Professions Plugin - I've contacted a few coders and we have a handful willing to lend RoK a helping hand. The Professions plugin will be finished for 1.7 soon, and we will also be making a feedback thread for alterations and changes sooner.

Plus, we will be getting some custom plugins for our server in the near future. Neat things that make your experience all the better.
The Map - The administration has made the final decision that we will not be proceeding with our intended "back-up new world in case James isn't an option", and instead will be getting a custom map made by Jamziboy himself.

On top of that, Ravand's own professional build team will be helping us with our builds! These guys are the absolute best builders I have ever seen in Minecraft, their work is outstanding and I can't wait to work with them.
The Website/Forums - Sooner than later Rise of Kings will be getting a new custom banner, background, and theme to our website/forums as well as a few module optimizations to recognize the new RoK. That, and we'll be cleaning out old content on the forums and adding new, as well as new forum categories and sections.
Donating - Running a server like ours is very expensive, and since Joe will no longer be paying for Rise of Kings we will need to scrap together quite the funds by early/mid April(when the bills are due). Our administrators don't have several hundred dollars lying around to throw at RoK :/
So, I've taken the time to set up a series of donation packages and rewards, as well as set up a functioning donation page that I think looks great. I've done my best to make the donations worth while and fun while also removing any pay-to-win abuses, and from what I've been told by several members and outside-members of RoK I feel they are pretty balanced; especially in comparison to other servers.

Our very first donor dropped $100 straight up a few days ago. He demanded that he received nothing in return for it, he only wanted to help RoK and donated purely out of kindness. This is why Rise of Kings stays online, because of its members, you guys are what makes our server great. I forced him to take at least the TeamSpeak3 channel and custom tag, at the very least. When you put your time, your patience, your fun, all of that into Rise of Kings.. And when you add donating on top of that? We owe it to you to give back.

And so we will give back.
RealMadridFTW Jesus fed thousands of people with five bread and three fish, I'm sure the administrators can think of something.
oOMr_NinjaOo #RoK4lyf
Hey RoK'ers

The previous Q&A left a bunch of empty spaces and a lot of things are uncertain or unclear. A large amount of people also didn't get to speak or have their questions answered. Because of this, we'll be doing another Q&A session next saturday 15/02/14 and, if needed, sunday 16/02/14

Follow THIS LINK to be taken to the Announcement thread about this Q&A where everything is explained in more detail, including TS rules, and the opportunity to submit questions.

Follow me on Twitter for more regular updates regarding this whole change.
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