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carlnorm Admin
carlnorm @ Rise of Kings
posted Oct 14, 14
Quick Update

Hey guys just a quick update on some new plugins and upcoming changes

Custom Mobs, Custom Items and Dungeons

The more adventurous of players will notice a number of dungeons filled with Custom Mobs and Loot cropping up in the next few days these mobs have a variety of skills aswell as Custom health and damages and will prove far more of a challenge than your usual zombie and are recommended to be taken on as a group. The new items found in these dungeons have a variety of stats some adding bonus health, custom swing speeds, damage, critical hits and a variety of other effects and will soon be used by blacksmiths as the default for any weapons made with moderation.


You'll notice on the homepage that the voting links have been updated, it's a great help to the server and brings in many new players. Although Votifier is not working currently there is to be a special weekly/monthly reward for the top voters which could be special items, Character based events or other personalized rewards so get voting!


Those wanting to delve into alchemy and brewing now have a far more interesting time attempting to create potions and alcoholic drinks, with the new brewing plugin it takes a great deal of skill to get the perfect drink or potion and should raise their value in RP providing some great bonuses when used. 

A quick tutorial on how to use the new plugin can be found here https://github.com/DieReicheErethons/Brewery/wiki/Usage

Upcoming Features and Changes

-NPC System

-Foreign Trading

-Complete Trainers list with divided lores

-ET Story lines

-Updated Donation Perks

Blackjack 'N Poker

carlnorm Admin
carlnorm @ Rise of Kings
posted Sep 15, 14
As Said in yesterdays update I've been looking around the possibilities of a few more plugins to enhance the server and Im pleased to say we now have fully functional BlackJack and Poker games.

In order to play a game you must find a table currently tables are only set up in the Powdery Keg but there will be more available soon. 

General commands are found with /table and game specific commands with /poker and /blackjack im not going to explain how to play as that would take quite a while in a post, those interested can find a number of tutorials online.

Enjoy and keep posted for more updates in the coming days


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