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Blackjack 'N Poker

carlnorm Admin posted Sep 15, 14
As Said in yesterdays update I've been looking around the possibilities of a few more plugins to enhance the server and Im pleased to say we now have fully functional BlackJack and Poker games.

In order to play a game you must find a table currently tables are only set up in the Powdery Keg but there will be more available soon. 

General commands are found with /table and game specific commands with /poker and /blackjack im not going to explain how to play as that would take quite a while in a post, those interested can find a number of tutorials online.

Enjoy and keep posted for more updates in the coming days


ArrowThijs {Call me Thijs} So nice we got gambling and hookers now. Fricking awesome xD
epicpotatos Gimme chess, I'll rek u.
EziEzi1337 , good job. ...


carlnorm Admin posted Sep 14, 14
After a rather successful server launch this is just a quick update to highlight recent changes and additions to the server.


The first addition to the server is the Quests plugin, We've been meaning to implement this for quite while as it allows us to create various quests and quest lines around Elysion creating more variation and depth to each area whilst providing alternative interesting ways in which players can earn rewards.

I've spent the majority of the day adding a few basic quests to each city whilst I work out the more advanced commands of the plugin later on longer more advanced quests will be on there way. They are easily noticeable by npc's with flashing colored note blocks above their heads and will often call out offering you work.

To accept a quest you right click on the npc and type either Yes or no into chat to accept or decline the quest. After accepting the quest various information on the quest and your progress will appear in chat as you progress.

All commands for the quest plugin can be found by typing /quests.


The new professions plugin allows all players of a reasonable level to teach others however we require main trainers for each profession for regular training and to teach and make use of the various lores. Those who are interested should message myself and the other admins with details of the character and what they wish to train.

Thats all for now they'll be another update within the next few days with the trainers list and possibly some more plugins I'm  working on implementing.

SamSakurai Quests are /awesome/. Thanks a bunch Carl.
EpicCrayon I was wondering about the NPC's around Oakdale... Great addition! Can't wait to use those more!
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