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Mid January Update

Stiller Owner posted Jan 10, 16



So, not much has ocurred as of late, although there are a couple new trial staff members. 

- Ageto has returned to the GM team

- Inagorange, starts his two week trial on the AT

- Hovmiro is now an FM.. not that it changes much :3

Moving on, I've managed to make an arrangement with the great builder, Dukonred1, who's agreed to help us with future build projects. Hopefully this will lighten the burden of our current BT. Talks will be happening soon on where we can put Dukon and his team of builders to work to best benefit the both of us, and you people.

Thats all for now, stay posted.

~The Admins

GGTeixeira Good to hear the build team is getting some help. I would also like to congratulate all the new staff members.

Server Update!

Stiller Owner posted Dec 9, 15

So, this is just a general update of the server currently and plans for the future, should be a quick read.. hopefully ;)

Current Staff Teams

Game Moderators ~ Full

Application Team ~ Full

Architects ~ In need of capable members

Event Team ~ Full

Lore Masters ~ In need of capable members

Forum Moderators ~ In need of capable members

Media Crew ~ Full


A new professions plugin is currently being balanced and will hopefully soon be in the process of being developed. It'll hopefully include an overhaul of our current character card plugin, so that the professions and character card link up, so that players can easily identify other craftsmen. This plugin will limit the number of characters to a number of 2 however, but this will enable players to easily keep track of each characters progress, by keeping their inventories, professions and locations totally seperate. With the ability to switch between the two characters as the user wants. This new plugin will work off of tiers instead of the current MMORPG styled points system, and will also include a combat side to it, with different tiers of combatants dealing more damage with a particular weapon etc.


The new map is currently under-way in terms of brain storming ideas, and the first renditions of the map will hopefully appear soon. Much to look forward to in terms of that. Hopefully this map will see new houses rises from the ground and spreading their influence across the new lands.

Thats all for now.. I think, 

~ The Admins

Chilled Irishman u furgot admen teem
Archer Ko1 Did someone say FORUM MODERATORS ;O
Thijs Me like very plugin much map such good me +1