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Hello, everyone. 

In a relatively short update with a unnecessarily long title, we have info on the new E.R. Guidelines, E.R. Applications, And The Upcoming Ban guidelines.

The new E.R. Guidelines are up, and you can find them in the E.R. Applications Page in the forums. Once you've read them over, chosen what you want your character to be able to do, PUT YOUR APPLICATION IN THE SUBFORUM TITLED '[E.R] Extended Roleplay Applications'. Only you will be able to read the application, so you will be the only one who knows if it's been accepted or not. Also, to find the application, go to the old forum, I've temporarily updated while the new one is being polished up.

Killing ER's are not necessary, but we've put up the guidelines for killing regardless. Killing by insanity still needs an ER, you can't have an insane character without an ER.

Also, we're going to a new ban system as soon as I can finish writing up the guidelines. While they aren't published yet, just know that we'll be enforcing our 'Hardly Any Tolerance' policy that will be far more notable than the current one we have. We're going for harsh punishment, but something that you can more easily appeal. This way, we know if you're actually sorry.

Also, everyone give big credit, and virtually none to anyone else, to Lucolas01 for writing up the guidelines, they wouldn't be as great & complete without him.

Thanks for reading,
Penguin_Gaming {Kain} Love the new E.R. System. Don't like how killing isn't an ER and honestly, with the way it works now situational ER's ar ...

Killing ER's and death

carlnorm Admin posted Jul 11, 14
Hello everyone
As many have probably seen the idea of killing ER's and perma deaths has been being discussed alot recently and after a recent poll and some feedback from the community the admins have decided that applications should no longer be required for a player to kill another and that player deaths should be a possibility in events and storylines. The deaths however are not to be a common occurrence and should encourage more realistic and cautious characters around the server.

The system shall go as follows:

Upon your character wanting to kill another you must inform a GM and explain your full reasoning in which the GM or GM's will decide whether that is reason enough to allow the killing.
Once the kill is allowed your target then has suitable reason to kill in retaliation, the kill itself will then have to be screenshot for future reference.

In events player death is now a possibility should your character throw themselves in the face of danger they should expect to face it. These changes have been made to emphasise the hardcore roleplay theme of the server and discourage fearless characters and should ultimately allow for a more intense and well fought out roleplay across the community.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions feel free to inbox myself or one of the other admins


lucolas01 {Rissdil} GM +Event Death = Good +Player Killing = Brace for a shitstorm. -ER = hold onto your buts. Anyway I still say an ER should ...
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