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◬ Admiral Ria ◬ Admino posted Sep 20, 15


I'm AdmiralRia, for all those who don't know. I'm gonna keep this short, since I keep putting it off.

Just this weekend, I was named the newest Rise of Kings admin, and, well, I've got a few plans I wanted to fling by our community.

First off, I'd just like to say, I've loved this community from the get go. I've been here since January 5th, 2015. All this while, I've played characters like Riakol Verandis to Lilly Nakai, Archibald the Pheasant to everyone's (least) favorite King (and former High Chancellor), Sebastian von Strauss.

All the while I've played, I've fluctuated on basic emotion, but for some reason, the server's kept me in it's demonic clutches long enough for me to end up here. 

Basically, as an admin, I'd like to state one integral thing.

I care about the community and I want to see it grow. I will pay attention to numbers, but you? You, yourself, are not a number. You're a damn human being.

Lack of formal wording aside, I think it's integral for growth to happen. But when we come to a point where we cannot consider each other to be as we are now - a tightly knit community of semi-like minded roleplayers- and into something more, we lose our edge (And no, we all still run around with cloaks and hidden blades, that edge is too damn deep.)

On another note, if you would like to join the Rise of Kings Skype Chat, I can provide you entry to the chat. Simply PM me on the forums.

Keep in mind, that if you do join, basic rules of courtesy and such apply, and the mods of the chat reserve the right to kick you and such.

For my short orders of business.

I'll keep it short, if you want some sort of expansion on these points, please message me on either enjin or skype.

  1. I'm engaging the Media Crew in making some new content to buff up our current player count. Expect new server pages and a new voting system soon enough.
  2. I will be consistently tossing ideas about to further improve our server, including but not limited to obscure ideas for the betterment of our server.
  3. The Magic Lore is also being reworked as we speak, with myself and others spearheading the project. The release date is currently unknown and rocky.

Signing On to the Shitshow,


MelonbaccaMC It has been over 3 days sense I applied >.>
Archer Ko1 The RoK skype chat is hell :C with unnecessary spam. Just saying.
Meta / Defection GM +1 but how did this take you a week to write

Rise of Kings State of the Server
June 2015

It's been awhile since we've had an announcement, so I thought now would be the best time to do so. After an extensive talk with Callum and scouring the forums, we've decided a few things that we believe that will best benefit the community as a whole and give the community a more pro-active role in deciding it's future.

The Merge with Acheron

The merge with Acheron has officially been put on the backburner for the benefit of the community. As we have come to realize, the map nor the plugins were as close to being done as we thought, so for now the merge will not be happening anytime soon. We will still be working on it behind the scenes and getting ready for the day when it is ready, however when that day comes we will make sure to ask the community what their take on it is and not just inform them it is happenening. This gives people plenty of time to enjoy Elysion's map while they still wish to play on it and when the players get bored of Elysion, then we can decide to transfer over. Also, if the plugins are done before the map, we may even be able to transfer those in before we actually transfer maps. Only time will tell.

Staff Teams

First things first, even though we aren't going through with the merge, the behaviour and absence of some Staff Team members have been unnaceptable. Staff Team Members are free to have their own opinion and share it on the server as much as they wish to an extent that isn't offensive. However, it is not alright for Staff Team Members to just dissapear when the server is going through an extremely crucial time due to the fact that they don't agree with it. Staff Team Members are expected to do their job for the server, or resign if they do not wish to be a part of the server. A few members of the Staff Teams have resigned since the announcement of the merge, and I respect them greatly for informing the Admins and being responsible with their position. There will be a review of Staff Team by the Admins and if you just 'dissapeared' when you had a responsibility to help the server and just expected to come back and retain your position when everything went through, you will not be holding on to you staff position much longer. For those of you who stayed and did their best efforts to help or at least be there and a part of the conversation during exams and such, I and the other Admins thank you greatly.

Elysion's Future

As of now we're going to do the best we can with the staff teams to better Elysion while we are still on it to help the community have the best possible roleplay experience they can. This means that a lot of places on the map will be rennovated and reimagined to fit the ever growing standard of Minecraft Builds, as Rise of Kings has always prized itself on being at the forefront of architecture in the Roleplay Server Community. Some big changes we can share with you now will be the closing down of Ironton 1.0, the Reformatting/Possible Removal of Borealis, and the complete Rework of Oakdale by our very own Stiller and Ender.

Daily & World Events

As for World Events, we'll be working closely with the Event Team to come up with a whole slew of new Daily Events and World Event Series. We'll be streamlining as much as possible, hopefully being able to get to the point that every Saturday players may get on and expect the next World Event in the Series. To get playes back in the swing of things we also have a few Events planned for the fabled Badlands! Or more commonly referred to as, 'The Desert'. Before talk of the merge we had plenty of Builders up in the Desert working on the area in case of release, and that effort will not go to waste! Our Event Team has been stagnant lately, and that is only partially their fault. Players have been interfering with events that are supposed to be peaceful, so in order to better the experience for everyone, we are implementing a new system that the ET will be following that splits events (World Events excluded) into two categories; Peaceful Events, and Combat Events. In Combat Events, Players can expect a wide variety of PvE as well as rewards based on their efforts in the event. In Peaceful Events, Players can expect no combat and for the event to be completely story driven. However, as we do not wish to limit players in their Roleplay choices, Players can still choose to try and initiate combat in Peaceful Events, but the players that instigate this combat consent to Permadeath for their character. So choose wisely if you wish to interrupt a Peaceful Event!

Rule Changes

From now on the Staff Teams will be put to a Higher Standard than previously to try and put us on par with other Roleplay Servers, so expect changes to guidelines and responsibilities shortly. If you do not wish to be a part of these new staff teams or do not think you can handle it at this time, please inform Callum or myself. We will greatly appreciate the honesty and those few who did their job exceptionally will be the first to be looked at when they are looking to apply again for an open spot. With these resignations that also means we have quite a few openings, so if any player feels like they're up to the challenge don't hesitate to apply!

There will also be Rule Changes for Regular Players, as our Rule Page is extremely Long and convoluted. We will be releasing changes to the Rules and a shortened FAQ page for players who don't wish to go searching through our textbook of a rule page. One such rule change I can give as an example now is GM Power over Combat. If a combat situation gets so out of hand that the two parties get out of control and a GM is called in, that GM's word is absolute on the matter after they hear both sides and get a feel for the conversation. You are allowed to question the ruling and argue your point, however after the GM has decided if he/she feels you are being volatile or not cooperating and continuing roleplay, they reserve the right to issue a 1-2 hour ban, and name the other member of the fight the victor in Roleplay. If some of you think this is unfair, just remember that we are the only community that deosn't force rolling. Giving players that sort of freedom comes with a certain responsibility and GM Moderation. If you can not handle the fact that a GM decides what is considered powergaming or not in a fight, you as a player are more than welcome to start a community petition to get our Combat system changed to DnD style rolling.

Personal Apology

Lastly, I know I've been difficult to work with lately and I haven't been the nicest guy, and I'd just like to say sorry. The stress of trying to do this whole thing has left me less than appreciative of the community and more hostile than usual. I'm Chilled Irishman. I'm supposed to be the Chillest dude in town, but I haven't been, and I'm truly sorry for being that way. I started something that I thought would benefit the server in the end, beause I know there will come a day that you guys will tire of Elysion, just like in the past, and I thought this merge was a good way to jump on that pre-emptively. Change maps before you guys got sick of this one so we didn't have to go through that whole Morthandria fiasco again. Unfortunately, the surprise was ruined, assumptions were made, and people left. If I could go back and do it over I definitely would've done so. I would've told you guys from the beginning and just kept it in the background, have it ready for when you guys were and not forcing it on you all. Now I know better, and that's what we're doing. We're keeping it in the background, and when you guys are ready for a new map and new experience, it'll be there for you guys. I'm sorry, and I hope I can regain my reputation as just another Chill dude.

Druid Brandon So I assume this crashed and burned?
[!] Nightstalker144 So this is the reason why the server has been so empty, wow this is tragic .... really tragic
DragonFTW "You know nothing Ser Marmite."